You need more access to your city.

OurPangea is a community network designed to help you broadcast your voice to more people than ever before. Businesses can reach target demographics. Promoters can focus on specific #interests. And @People can make new friends in their very own city. Don’t limit your life to your friends. Join your city.

 "Now is the best time to begin"

"Now is the best time to begin"



(beta testing is now open)
New features:

  • Social map of the USA with Austin, TX active for testing
  • Create a personal profile
  • Create groups
  • Join groups together to create a community
  • Add topics of discussion
  • Add photos and gifs
  • Add events


How to use OurPangea:

We envision this as a platform that opens up entire cities for people. We encourage people to view a news feed of all the social activity in their city. That means you also have the opportunity to broadcast your voice and reach more people. The benefit of viewing a city is that you will be able to gain a vast amount of information about what's trending, what's happening, who's doing what, and so much more. Of course you can follow certain people and groups to personalize everything, but the main draw is that we're opening up the entire region for your viewing pleasure and broadcasting desire. You can build a massive following here in many different cities.

You can also form groups on OurPangea. What we did that makes it better is we let groups form together to create communities. So all the bands in the city might form together to create a music community or all the boy scouts might form together to create a troop. Then you can read a news feed that aggregates all the bands together. 

Mainly, we want you to see how life is in your city. Right now there is no easy way to see all the social activity in a city let alone your private social circle. OurPangea changes that and makes it easy to see what's happening in #Austin #Texas or wherever!