We need to break down the walls
You read the same news everyday...
Humanity's consciousness is rising.

"Now is the best time to begin"

"Now is the best time to begin"


OurPangea believes life is fun and exciting when we make things change!


Staying current and always coming up with new ideas is the challenging part. 

Today we broadcast more photos and conversations online than ever before. 
We start conversations, spark interest, discover new opportunities, and express ourselves freely~

So how do we manage all of it? What does it look like when it's all brought together? 
Do you want to see how your voice fits in?

Imagine how easy it would be to meet exactly the right person...
What would you do in that situation? Would you meet the moment?

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Today, I'm going to share with you a glimpse into the global community.

Here's how,

We're going to make it easy for you to know what's happening around you.


We start with championing the call to UniteAustin and work together! 
What we need is a broadcast platform! 




How does a local internet news broadcast platform help me see what's happening around me?

All OurPangea starts with a map.

How do we know what’s happening around us in our cities?

How can you shout out to your immediate area and get attention on what you’re doing or starting up?
What good is it for all of us to have an eagle eye view on our city and beyond?
When something is happening, how am I alerted?
How can I work with my neighbors? 
Can I amplify our voices? 



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Take advantage of small business opportunities!
Start knowing what’s happening around you!
Broadcast further! 

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Every morning we make the choice to be a part of the world around us.

Why spend your time looking at a news feed when you can look at a map?
Where is the conversation happening?
Who’s saying this or that?
Find out why people are talking about OurPangea!

Do you need resources or people to help get your project started? 
Look no further!

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Feeling the urge to try something new or explore some place different? 

OurPangea will show you the way to #whatever adventure you're cooking up! 


Did you know broadcasting your ideas to a wider audience is a great way to increase your visibility?
Do you feel empowered to grab on to the future now?
Are you a visionary?

Start broadcasting to the world!
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