With your help, 

we can unite the world.

Welcome on behalf of everyone at OurPangea! We bring to you a dynamic new approach to networking that will change the way local communities interact with each other. 

We are envisioning a new platform for Humanity to stand on, one that can be developed globally through technological collaboration between tribes around the world!

We as humans stand on the brink of a global renaissance, we can pull the resources together to rapidly improve the quality of life for all, we just need to get organized! 

That's where OurPangea comes in. 

This is our story.

This is our rebirth.



eQuality of life is our primary focus



Our 3-Step Plan


1) Offer a fully functional networking  platform to the world that is based around community building. Establish a digital global commons for collaboration between individuals, organizations, and communities alike.

2) Use this platform generate funds and resources that will allow us to engineer an ecologically sustainable future by investing into the projects that receive the most support via our own crowd sourced voting systems. 

3) Integrate and inspire through a new breed of fully sustainable festivals that will not only provide cutting edge experiences to all participants, but also host ambassadors from networks around the world who share break through developments and demonstrations of new practices. (::)



OurPangea evolves with us 

By focusing our resources on empowering our members, we will create a lasting symbiotic relationship with  We Pangeans, that will be fruitful for generations to come. As our network grows, so does your community, and so does your local crowd sourcing budget.

This platform is inspired by the open-source philosophy, our goal is to convert resources into progress. Imagine lush gardens and eventually even thriving communities worldwide that were all jumpstarted and paid for by the characterized rapid growth that we see in the corporate world when a good idea catches on. 

Well, a man once said, "Be the change"... and although it's probably been repeated in vain more times than anyone could care to count, here we are.. We can change the way corporations worldwide do business., by setting the standard for what good business REALLY is. 

OurPangea is a part of a new paradigm of organization altogether. All of our financial information will be openly available for all members to review and take pride in.

With OurPangea, you will have access to a globally sourced network of networks with a live data feed of relevant news, events, & ongoing conversations within the network that you are visiting. 

You will also be able to easily find local businesses and skilled artisans in your area. Whether you are living with us in Austin, Texas -  Jerusalem, Israel - or just visiting in Seoul, Korea for the first time we will all be connected, and you will know what the OurPangea family recommends  as we create a map of conscious community collaboration around the globe. 

Our network reorganizes the internet experience as it is and makes it possible to travel to any corner of the planet where you'll find the story of the local community. You'll even be able to say hang out and chat with them! We are committed to pioneering  an entirely new territory of innovation, creating new uses of the internet to enhance the connectivity between members in new and exciting ways. With focus on technological development, we hope to create an open source community that gets projects sponsored and in production that put our community (and yours) on the map.

We aim to be fun. To continue incorporating new features that will enhance not only your connection to others, but your workflow as well. 

Did we mention the data is shared openly?



We trust you'll build a world you want to live in and we will empower you with the technology and capital to do so.



OurPangea is the next generation of internet technology


This is the localized internet. OurPangea will help you connect with people in your area and even help you put freshly prepared food on the table while supporting people who are doing what they love. This is an ecosystem of exchange and will enable you to find the resources you need to survive, flourish, and grow. (::)

We believe in the power of the human mind to achieve infinite wonders. There are communities blooming around the world that will be thriving when technology like what we are creating reaches their finger tips. And you can help us get it to them! (::)


BETA v1.1 Invites are available for contributors


With your help, anything is possible.

We have all learned that unity requires participation. We feel that people would participate given the right platform to interact with. This is the art of engineering a new society on a technological level. When we work together, anything is possible. For the first time humanity will be able to connect directly with each other and decide how to invest in our future. 

OurPangea will start as the global commons, an anonymous communication network.Everyone who participates will be asked to contribute $10/ month, which will be used to finance projects and infrastructure that helps community come together. Local farms, production equipment, innovative technologies, maker spaces, workshops, recycling plants, galleries, event venues, cultural centers, festivals and beyond. We are here to help build a sustainable future together. As soon as you enter OurPangea you will be given votes to decide which projects are brought to life. We have the technology.

Now, all we need is you. 

Your support will let us know we're on the right track and motivate us to keep on innovating!  

This campaign is just the beginning.



Any support is appreciated! Your love makes all the difference! 


Other Ways You Can Help

If you aren't able to help financially but still would like to contribute,  invite people to join the discussion at  https://www.facebook.com/OurPangea
or share this page with your networks! 

Thanks from everyone at the OP!