We started with a desire to unite the world, now we're developing a broadcast network to make it easier for you! 

What we needed was a foundation, now that we have one it's time for all of us ask how can we go global?


What does that mean and how do we go global? 

Welcome to the digital era. Now is the time. 
Join us online to help start global discussions about the issues that matter most to us. 
What is it that motivates you? When do you find yourself inspired? Why get involved with the growing online community? 

Get involved! 
Say welcome to the turn of the 21st century!

100 years ago the world was being ravaged during WWI and today the world is more free and networked together than ever before. 


So how do YOU take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity? 

(beta testing now open)

Let me start by giving you 3 easy ways to take charge of your life and impact your community!

1) Be responsible for growing your own food!
2) Share your expertise, share what you know and what you see, help your community grow together! 
3) Get in contact with the city around you! Know your neighbors and act like everyone is a coworker!


Share with your friends! 
"Meet up, come together." 

What happens when a city lives, works, and creates together? 

Maybe not immediately, but then again, maybe you're the person for the job! 

Maybe not immediately, but then again, maybe you're the person for the job! 


Maybe if we united together online we could bring the world to a new destination~ 

           in outer space....

                        on another planet...

                                     so we can meet aliens.


What we need are the dreamers and the visionaries,
        the people who want to do something different and lead the world in new directions! 



Now is the best time to start ~ stop reading and start taking action to join us!
(beta testing open) 

We know organic food we grow ourselves in the land around us is more healthy, so what would happen if we make the choice to start living locally and supporting each other at the HARVEST FESTIVAL? 



We know it's better to be connected to one another!
So why do we make it so hard to feel that way?  


One thing I've noticed is that people online simply can't connect with each other the way we do in real life. Online we have friend lists, followers, and post streams of content but what we need isn't more self promotion, what WE NEED IS COMMUNITY. 

We need groups to speak with, we need to use hashtags effectively, we need to put communities on a map. 
In Austin we started this skill share list for anyone who wants to join together and share their skills as if we're all living and working together in the city. It's just one example of how we can encourage people to work together. 


We are all connected, now it's time to for us to grow globally. 

People say, "You are ready." and they mean you are ready for everything that's coming up. 
Where ever you're living you can join OurPangea and broadcast to a global audience or find your hometown.  

Tell all of your friends and family that now we have a way for everyone to have one place for planetary connections. 

What can we do with a platform that unites all the world's people together? 

Join us and find out just how far we can go together! 


(beta testing open)