"The power is with the people"


In this day and age the power is more than ever with the people. We have the ability to share information and broadcast what's happening in ways like never before. The power of the internet is only just starting to be realized and we are betting that the next step in human evolution will be fueled by globalized people. 

What does it mean to be globalized? 

It means that your world view is not limited to what's happening around you. It means that your world view is as expansive as humanity itself. Why we created OurPangea is because we wanted to show people that the world is full of ideas, possibilities, and events. So many people have a small world view because of where they live. So we thought, wouldn't it be nice if we all could see and do more? That's why we built a platform to connect cities together; in the hopes that doing so would enrich people's lives. When you realize that you can now see what an entire city looks like on a daily basis your world changes for the better.  

We are putting the future in your hands. 

In order for us to navigate the future together we first need to begin communicating as one; that's what  OurPangea will do for us. OurPangea brings all the conversations happening in your city or another city into one news feed. That means you are able to  click on the United States of America and see what each city is talking about. That's revolutionary. 

We're still in the testing phases but we hope you see the potential of what we're building. 

"Empower the People"